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I’m Thomas Kearny Vertner, III, and I currently work for the U.S. Air Force. My interests include technology, traveling, driving, reading, gaming, and general nerdery of various sorts. I’m happily married and have three beautiful daughters.

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Twitter: @tvertner

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About this site

This site is built using Octopress and served by nginx. It was running smoothly on an old Dell XPS M1530 laptop sitting in a closet in my house; proof that you can use just about anything as a functional server. Recently, I successfully migrated to Digital Ocean. They are cheap, fast, and super-reliable. Don’t worry; the mighty Dell continues to soldier on with a new hard drive and new purposes.

Dude, you’re getting a DellDude, you’re getting a Dell

This is also the last Windows computer I ever owned. Since then, it has been a litany of Macs and Linux machines. Don’t judge me.