Mac.BackDoor.iWorm Is Stupid

Think before you click.Think before you click.

So according to Russian security researcher and anti-virus company, Dr. Web, there is a new bug out there that targets Macs running OS X and has allegedly been found in over 18,000 computers in the world. After infecting the host, it attempts to call certain posts in a MineCraft forum on reddit to find which hosts to attack next. According to Dr. Web, it appears to be setting up a botnet, but there’s no attacks being launched from it, yet.

Here’s Why It’s Stupid

First and foremost, the original research report is terrifically incomplete. While it details what the bug might look like if it managed to worm its way onto your computer, but there is absolutely no mention of how it got there in the first place. Without mentioning an attack vector or what it will do, there’s not much value in this report. Despite the name, you can’t really confirm from their report whether it’s a worm or if it is exploiting some kind of back door.

Second, it looks like it was either named by a fourth-grader or somebody who wants a fourth-grader to understand how serious this is. It makes headlines and sounds easy to understand, but it does nothing else.

Finally, I’m always a bit skeptical at virus reports by anti-virus firms. I understand that they should be experts in the field of finding new viruses, but they also stand to gain the most when people are scared of their computers. Given that anti-virus software is rarely used on OS X, trying to encourage market growth in that sector seems clever enough.

Here’s What You Can Do

If you are a Mac user, don’t panic. Keep your software up-to-date and don’t open/install software from untrusted sources. If you see a prompt come up that asks for an administrator password, think about it for a minute. Most modern operating systems are tremendously secure on their own; it’s when us idiot users start installing that pirated copy of SuperWindoze9000Hacker that you got in a private message from l33tBr069 on that things get saucy. Don’t do that.